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The Two Ways

Ever heard of the Didache? It is one of the earliest writings by believers in Yeshua that some feel was written as early as 50 CE. It is a manual of practical living instructions written for new Gentile believers in Messiah. It may even contain material older […]

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Reviewing the Divine Code: Fundamentals of the Faith

Part I of Rabbi Moshe Weiner’s book The Divine Code, Parts I-IV is called “Fundamentals of the Faith”. It includes: An introduction by Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet Chapter 1: Awareness of God Chapter 2: Proselytizers and False Prophets Chapter 3: The Prohibition Against Making a New Religion […]

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Insights from the Author’s Introduction to The Divine Code

Included in the Torah, God also repeated and gave to Moses the Seven Commandments for the Children of Noah, along with their explanations and their details. All the Gentiles of the world were henceforth eternally commanded to accept upon themselves and to fulfill these seven Divine precepts, […]

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