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There Are Good Men in the World

Bigotry is bad – no matter who the victim. When it comes to racism, America has made it clear that prejudice based on color cannot be tolerated. Roseanne Barr destroyed her career with just one racist twitter and had to be removed from her own show for […]

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When Does a Faith Become a Culture?

This morning on Fandango’s This, That, and the Other blog, I read a post of his called Share Your World — Coffee and Climate. He was responding to a Share Your World challenge on another blog. One of the questions was If you drink coffee, how do you […]

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Is Jeff Sessions Trying to Establish an American State Religion?

I just found out that “Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday announced the Department of Justice’s creation of a ‘religious liberty task force’ to ‘help the department fully implement our religious guidance’” over at CNN. Actually, someone I know from my Powered by Robots sister blog reblogged […]

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Candle-Lighting Times