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The Little Apocalypse

The Didache ends with an apocalyptic section that maps out prophetic events that culminate in the return of Messiah and the arrival of the Messianic Kingdom. Scholars refer to this chapter as the “little apocalypse.” It instructs the faithful to remain steadfast in the Way of Life […]

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The Witness of the Nations

This week’s Torah portion is Nitzavim. It contains more of Moses’ final admonitions to the children of Israel before they enter the promised land as well the commissioning of Joshua to succeed Moses. The parashah is all about getting the Jewish people ready for the culminating event […]

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Appointing Leadership

First Fruits of Zion is proud to announce the completion of a Messianic Jewish translation and commentary on the Didache entitled The Way of Life: The Rediscovered Teachings of the Twelve Jewish Apostles to the Gentiles. The Didache is sixteen chapters long, and there are exactly sixteen […]

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