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Parashat Bo: Tefillin and the Four Houses of Israel

This week’s Torah portion covers the last three plagues of Egypt, but it is also full of some of the first real legal legislation in the Torah. We find detailed instructions on the calendar, the Pesach offering, the Festival of Matzot, and the consecration of the firstborn. […]

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Planted on the Mountains of Israel

Unless you have visited Israel, you may not be aware of the nation’s vastly diverse landscape. Israel is a land of beauty, full of mountains, hills, valleys, deserts, canyons, rocks, trees, plants, and foliage of all kinds. Many of the trees growing in the land today are […]

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The Rain Came Down

Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai said: Three things are equal in importance, viz., earth, man, and rain. Rabbi Levi bar Hiyyatha said: And these three each consist of three letters, 3 to teach that without earth there would be no rain and without rain, earth could not endure; […]

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Candle-Lighting Times