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Melchizedek’s Banquet

As Abraham returned from war, a local chief came out to meet him. He offered Abraham and his men provisions, and he blessed Abraham. The chief is called Melchizedek, the king of Salem. The Torah does not tell us much about Melchizedek. We know that Melchizedek ruled […]

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Fixing a Broken World

Human evil grieves God’s heart. God is not peering down on the planet making observations like a dispassionate astronaut. Neither is He watching us like a man sitting on a sofa watching a football game. Rather, He is like a Father who observes the behavior of His […]

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The Heavenly Adam

The mystics say that God made Adam in the image of the Heavenly Adam, the firstborn of all creation, the spiritual image of God. The theology of the heavenly Adam attempts to reconcile the conflict between the idea that God is incorporeal, that is without image and […]

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