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Studying Torah Requires Searching the Scriptures

Leviticus 10:16 says, “Moses searched carefully for the goat of the sin offering, and behold, it had been burned up!” The words “searched carefully” translate the repeated Hebrew verb darash (דרש). Darash means “to search.” In Hebrew, the verse repeats the verb darash to indicate a diligent […]

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Peace with God

Peace offerings are the sacrifices that are shared by the worshipper and the priesthood. In Leviticus 7, the Torah reiterates the laws of the peace offerings, adding details about which parts of the animal are to be retained by the priesthood, who is fit to eat a […]

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A Soothing Aroma

As the Torah describes the sacrificial service, it says that when the smoke of the offering rises to heaven, it will be a “soothing aroma to the LORD” (Leviticus 1:9). Rashi interprets the “soothing aroma” as a metaphor for man’s obedience. He explains that the aroma of […]

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