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The generation in the wilderness were not worse complainers than any other collection of human beings. Every association of human beings seems to be vexed by the ceaseless grumbling of the members. The Torah says, “Now the people became like those who complain of adversity in the […]

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The Priestly Blessing

Numbers 6 closes with the immortal words of the priestly blessing, a commandment for the sons of Aaron to bless Israel. To this day, the sons of Aaron lift their hands over the worshipers in the synagogue service while they utter the words, “The LORD bless you, […]

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The Hosts Above and the Hosts Below

Earthly things reflect heavenly things. The Sanctuary on earth is a copy of the true heavenly Tabernacle above—the eternal dwelling place of the living God. The priesthood of the Sanctuary has a corresponding priesthood in the Tabernacle above; namely, the priesthood of the Messiah. Earthly institutions ordained […]

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