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People are not Numbers

The Torah prescribes a special way of taking a census of Israel. When taking a census, the people of Israel were to each contribute a half-shekel coin. Then the census taker could tally the number of coins to arrive at the sum total of the people: This […]

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Garments for Honor

The LORD commanded the children of Israel to make special garments for the priests to wear while they officiated in the Tabernacle: “You shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother, for glory and for beauty”(Exodus 28:2). The garments of the priesthood were set apart for the […]

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The Little Sanctuary

The Temple was not simply a big church or synagogue. It was the dwelling place of God on earth. It housed His dwelling presence. He was present in the Tabernacle in a way in which He is not present on earth today. In today’s world, a person […]

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